Custom, handpainted personalised bowls Inspired by classic motorsport liveries Driving the future of bowls

Biased Bowls are proud to partner with Taylor Bowls for the manufacturing of our Biased Bowls range. Established in 1796, Taylor Bowls are the oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer in the world!

The Biased Bowls range includes two models – Racing Line & Torque.

Each model is available in 4 different colours and sizes. We also personalise your bowls with your own special number.


• Narrow Bias, with a most direct path to the Jack

• Ideal for Front End Bowlers

• Ideal for Faster Surfaces, with a no hook finish


• Our Mid bias options runs wider than the Racing Line, with a no hook finish, due to the variety of shots this bowl allows you to play it will definitely appeal to the creative bowler.