About Biased

Thank you for taking some time to read about why Biased Bowls was created. I am passionate about all sports, but bowling has become my go-to sport for so many reasons. My only regret is the perception I had about it being played by only the older generation, which has denied me decades of the sport I now love so much.

The football changing room banter, the mental battle of marathon running, or the drama of having to make a six-footer on the 18th green to win a golf match are all experiences I thought could not be achieved at bowls. How could these emotions be available on a bowls green?

Sure, bowls can be as sedate or as social as you wish. But if you have more of a competitive edge, representing your club in local leagues will give you a taster of the competitive nature within the game.

I soon had the bug and found myself entering all manner of competitions. Trust me, if you manage to play in a group game within your county, the changing room banter is fantastic. Not to mention the drama on the green, which is as tangible as any sports experience I have had.

Talent, of course, could take you further. So if you have dreams of representing your country in the sport maybe Bowls is your route. You’ll never know unless you try. But don’t wait! You’re never too young for this wonderful game.

Becoming so enthusiastic about the game I also had a vision of how the sport could evolve further. By entering the industry my main aim is to ensure the game of bowls is experienced by all, regardless of Age, Sex, Race or Disability.

After researching the four manufacturers that are currently producing bowls, my first choice soon became apparent. Recognised for producing the most innovative and advanced bowls in the world, the choice of Taylor Bowls as manufacturers was obvious.

A meeting was then arranged to discuss the concept of a new brand entering the bowls world. A huge amount of work has been undertaken since that first meeting but thankfully all the engineering and testing has paid off! Biased is readying to enter the 21st century and beyond and with Taylor Bowls input, to drive the future innovation of its brand!

Paul Hubert
Founder – Biased Bowls 

The team at Biased are hugely enthusiastic. Their desire for perfection is something we admire, understand and can accomplish. As we have a shared philosophy we have partnered with them and look forward to a positive future.

Grant Heron
Managing Director – Taylor Bowls