Our Bowls


Both the racing line and torque trajectories allow you to play with either model indoors or outdoors.

But as we know playing conditions will alter the path taken by all bowls from all manufacturers. Heavy playing conditions will narrow the path taken, and likewise faster surfaces will mean the bowl will need to be given more green.


With a narrow bias this is our most direct path to the Jack. Ideal for front end bowlers and faster surfaces with a no hook finish.


Our mid bias option runs wider than the racing line, again with a no hook finish. Due to the variety of shots this bowl allows you to play it will definitely appeal to the creative bowler.


We have four colour choices to choose from when selecting your set of Biased Bowls.

• Racing Red

• British Racing Green

• GT Blue

• Italian White



For ultimate performance and comfort, the anti-slip grip design will not disappoint. For performance, we have taken no chances in the importance of avoiding air drag.

The science of aerodynamics advises against straight edge designs, this will affect airflow, the curved dimple design of our grip is the most efficient in negating inconsistent airflow.

With the dimples equally spaced, finding a secure grip is easily manageable.

By avoiding straight lines we have also eliminated the chance of you catching your hand on any sharp edges.


When purchasing your set of biased bowls we personalise your bowls free of charge.

The number can be between 00 to 99, this could be your lucky number, birthday anniversary…… the choice is yours!

Adding your personal number is straightforward…… before completing your order just add your number in the “personalise “ box.


Details of the size and weights of our bowls.